Contest: 45 Years Later, Still Attracting Over 100 in Everyday Spacer Boston!

If you’re a spacer, every July 20th is an auspicious occasion

On Sunday July 20th, 2014, we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.  That’s great… it’s also about the past.

I want to spend more time and energy helping as many people as possible go there, and elsewhere, as soon as possible!  That’s why I created the Everyday Spacer meetup.  We find and create events and encourage members to participate in the exploration of space however they can.

Soon after, Everyday Spacer Boston was created.  My friend Donald mentioned a meetup in the Boston area with a similar theme and where the organizer was leaving.  I assumed the group, rebranded it and listed many, many events and many people joined – over 100 as of this writing.

Then Mike, a member of the Boston group, mentioned some events in Rhode Island.  Everyday Spacer Providence was born!

And the dream of spaceflight lives on in all of our members, friends and others we must still encourage.

To celebrate the milestone of over 100 member in Everyday Spacer Boston, we’re holding a contest.  The prize package includes memorabilia from our collection (duplicates we can give away) including an Apollo 11 sticker.

To Enter, Click The Contest Link Here!

If you have even a mild interest in space exploration, science, astronomy and related topics, please join us!  We have meetups in three cities currently and we’re looking for more.  In less than a year, we’ve attracted over 100 members in Boston, over 40  locally and over 30 in Providence. People are interested in space, astronomy and related topics!

How many can we bring to your city?

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