As Seen On

Everyday Spacer is getting known in cyberspace.  Here are some of the places we’ve appeared…

Astroblog by Ian Musgrave
Carnivalia 2/20/13 3/20/13 4/24/13, 5/29/13, 7/17/14, 8/21/14,
Catholic Sensibility, 5/30/13,
Dear Astronomer, 6/3/13,
Hobby Space, 2/18/13, 3/16/13, 3/24/13, 5/25/13, 8/15/14,
Music of the Spheres
Next Big Future
Photos to Space
Skynet Chronicles
Starry Critters, 12/17/12
The Venus Transit Blog
Vintage Space Images by Amy Shira Teitel
Universe Today

Everyday Spacer Pam Hoffman was invited to help with the Yuri Gagarin Page on Facebook March 2013!

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