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Pam Hoffman, Everyday Spacer
Pam Hoffman, Everyday Spacer!

Bios, Press Releases, About My Book, Ask Me About…, Others Have Told Me…,

The everyday Spacer Family of Properties Includes…


Facebook: >> over 1300 ‘Likes’ >> over 300 ‘Likes’ >> over 17K’Likes’ – I’m one of the admins on this Page

Twitter: >> over 800 ‘Followers’

Pinterest: >> over 1000 ‘Followers’ >> over 800 ‘Followers’

Meetups I organize: >> over 400 members >> over 700 members >> over 400 members >> over 300 members >> over 500 members >> over 300 members

And it’s growing!

5 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Me…

*I once fixed a toilet with a Styrofoam cup!
*When I wake up sometimes, I see some weird ‘embossing’ effect over everything in my sight.
*Speaking of seeing things, when I was twelve, I thought I could see molecules in the air. Many years later, when I attended a Physics 101 class at Cleveland State University, I learned that I was seeing molecules only they were inside my eyes!

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  1. The media kit will also provide contact information for reporters who seek additional information or want to interview someone at the company.

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