Everyday Spacer Services

The folks at Everyday Spacer perform the following services, in no particular order…

We get many excellent questions from our followers like ‘What’s happening this weekend?’ and we happily offer some alternatives – especially through your meetups.

Facebook Pages
There is a Facebook Page for Everyday Spacer as well as a few other projects we’d like to pursue in the future. On those pages, we’re building a following!

Events Curation
We are continually updating our event lists for your meetup groups. We tend to email the meetup groups events outside the local area and we sometimes ‘tweet’ random meetup events or outside events through our Twitter account.

Twitter Posts
Periodically, we announce meetup events on Twitter or other events. We send out notices about the Carnival of Space that way too.

Periodically, we post to the board: Everyday Spacer on Pinterest. The best things to post there are great images and space certainly has some great ones!

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