Are You Into Meetups?

Have you ever heard of Meetup?  You can find it at  This is a wonderful social networking site.  The primary goal?  To help people connect at live events!

Here’s how it works…

One or more organizer puts together in-person events of some sort and people who are interested, RSVP and they do something.   In person.  Real time.  Together.

These range from mommy groups to business networking organizations.  They can be casual gatherings to large, for a fee, highly organized, formal lectures and business meetings.

Wanna try something new?  See if there’s a meetup near you.

Just moved and you know not one soul in your new town?  See if there’s a meetup of like minded people you can develop friendships from.  Did your life change radically recently?  Get an instant support group, look for your new compatriots on

Curious about the universe?  Come see our meetup:

Because, we just started a meetup called Everyday Spacer and we are now hosting live events in our area.  We plan to grow out from there since we know many quality people in this industry and why not connect them to folks who want to learn more about space, astronomy, physics and a bunch of other fun topics?

If you are in the area or know people who like getting involved with space exploration, help us connect.  I want this to be a win for everyone involved!

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