Call for Videos!

Teachers and students are wanted to produce content for a crowdfunding campaign.

“Teachers In Space is producing a video for a Rockethub national campaign and we would like YOU and/or YOUR STUDENTS and/or YOUR CHILD to be in it!”

Some pertinent info:

*Use part(s) from the script
*Submit by July 1st 2013^ They updated it – it’s June 1st!
*You may need a parent release
*Your content “may or may not be used and becomes the property of TiS.”
*Have Fun!

If you’d like the email forwarded to you, please, just ask.

^”Please email submissions to If you have any questions about what we are looking for on any of the script or any other questions please feel free to call Lanette Oliver at 972-835-6039 at any time or day or night.”

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