Carnival of Space #504

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Worlds’ 1st Recycled Booster from SpaceX Sails Serenely at Sunrise into Port Canaveral – Photo/Video Gallery
Ken Kremer | Universe Today

PORT CANAVERAL/KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Basking in the sunrise glow, the world’s first recycled booster – namely a SpaceX Falcon 9 – sailed serenely into Port Canaveral this morning, Tuesday, April 4, atop the tiny droneship on which it soft landed shortly after launching on March 30 for an unprecedented second time.

Shortly before sunrise, SpaceX’s recovered Falcon 9 first stage triumphantly arrived on Tuesday at the mouth of Port Canaveral and the public pier at Jetty Park around 7 am – greeted by…

Cassini’s Final Mission to Annihilation Starts April 22
Nancy Atkinson | Universe Today

Grab the tissues. This video nearly had the Cassini team all choked up during today’s press briefing, and virtual sobs and sniffs were abundant on social media posts sharing the video.

“We get goosebumps and get emotional every time we see it,” said Earl Maize, Cassini project manager at JPL.

On April 22 the Cassini spacecraft will begin its ‘Grand Finale’ — the beginning of the end of this tremendous mission that has provided breathtaking images and so many new discoveries of Saturn, its rings and moons. The mission will end on…

TRAPPIST-1 Is Showing A Bit Too Much Flare
Evan Gough | Universe Today

It turns out that the TRAPPIST-1 star may be a terrible host for the TRAPPIST planets announced in February.

The TRAPPIST-1 star, a Red Dwarf, and its 7 planets caused a big stir in February when it was discovered that 3 of the rocky planets are in the habitable zone. But now more data is coming which suggests that the TRAPPIST-1 star is much too…

Extraterrestrial Origin Of Fast Radio Burst Phenomenon Confirmed
Nancy Atkinson | Universe Today

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have puzzled astronomers since they were first detected in 2007. These mysterious milliseconds-long blasts of radio waves appear to be coming from long distances, and have been attributed to various things such as alien signals or extraterrestrial propulsion systems, and more ‘mundane’ objects such as extragalactic neutron stars. Some scientists even suggested they were some type of…

Astronomers Discover Surprising New Class of X-Ray Pulsating Stars
Zain Husain | Brown Spaceman

Pulsating stars have been one of the most intriguing objects in our universe and provide insightful value to how we can map out distances. Astronomers discover a new class of X-ray variable stars that have been in question for the last decade. The team that discovered this is from Canada and the United States. It includes universities such as…

Zain is also the next Carnival of Space host so watch for #505 on his site next week!

World Second Richest Man Investing One Billion per Year in His Reusable Rocket Company
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

Jeff Bezos will and is investing $1 billion per year into Blue Origin

Editor’s Note: Bezos is at least the 3rd richest because there is a trillionaire out there who is just not into the publicity apparently.

Bigelow Space Stations
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

Bigelow Aerospace space station plans are far better than current NASA and Lockheed designs

Lockheeds Mars Orbiting Base Proposal
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

Here is one of the Lockheed space station plans. This is for a tiny base near Mars.

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