The ‘last call’ for articles was sent and a few more great Carnival of Space articles were offered into CoS #285.

The call for Carnival of Space #286 was announced today.  This marks the conclusion of CoS #285 and a bit of a recap of the last few, in case you missed them.

‘Failed Stars’ May Shine With Alien Aurorae
Ian O’Neill | Discovery News

Brown dwarfs often get a bad rap for being “failed stars” or “sub-stellar objects,” but in light of new research they may…

Podcast #161: The Quantum Vacuum—or Not
Steve Nerlich | Cheap Astronomy Podcasts

Cheap Astronomy delivers a podcast about… nothing?
Site | List | Transcript

All The Data That FITS
Joe DePasquale | Chandra X-Ray Observatory Blog

This week marks a milestone in the openFITS collection as we’ve nearly doubled the amount of data offered up for curious minds to explore and create their own images. We now offer a collection of 17 data sets covering supernova remnants, galaxies, neutron stars, pulsars, and the supermassive black hole at the center of our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. Additionally, we’ve updated the openFITS overview and tutorials to reflect changes in…

Don’t Tell Bones: Are We One Step Closer to “Beaming Up?”
Jason Major | Universe Today

While we’re still a very long way off from instantly transporting from ship to planet à la Star Trek, scientists are still relentlessly working on the type of quantum technologies that could one day make this sci-fi staple a…

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We enjoyed hosting 17 articles total.

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