Conduct Experiments

Until we’ve lived there for awhile, we will need to learn practically everything about the new environment we call space, beyond our little blue planet.  One of the best ways to learn things is by experimenting.  We can certainly do that right now, from where we are.

So, what will we need to know out there?  How can we get started learning about the things we’ll need to learn?

How about knowing where we are out there?  You can build a tool right now, called an astrolabe, and learn to use it from your own yard.

Would you like to measure the size of a planet and find out how far away it is?  Check out The Size and Distance of the Planets.

There are many, many more avenues to explore, here are some you can start with from Home Science Tools:

  Volcanic Eruption   Make a Seismograph
  Barometric Pressure   Make an Astrolabe
  Collect & Identify Rocks & Minerals   Make a Simple Telescope
  Make Stalactites and Stalagmites   How to Make a Fossil Cast
  Water Experiments   Earth Science Fair Projects
  Weather Experiments   Solar Purifier
  Rock Experiments   Make a Crater
  Hot Water: Convection   Summer Stargazing
  Make a Thermometer   Rock Hound Expedition
  Make Your Own Geode   How To Crack a Geode + Video
  How To Polish Rocks   Water Purification Science Project + video
  Make an Anemometer Science Project   Volcano in a Beaker + Video

What do you think we’ll need to know out there?  This is merely a possible starting point and definitely just scratching the surface of the potential.

You never know where your experiment on Earth may end up.  These teens had ideas which got launched!  Winners YouTube Space Lab with Bill Nye.  This might become an annual contest

*A little digging may be required
*No age restrictions
*Your costs will vary


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