Conference or Unconference, Which One’s for You?

An interesting type of event has cropped up in recent years – a type of conference that is primarily built on the somewhat spontaneous gathering of like minded folks who develop this event on the fly, dubbed an ‘unconference,’ to those in the know.

“An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term “unconference” has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization. For example, in 2006, CNNMoney applied the term to diverse events including Foo Camp, BarCamp, Bloggercon, and Mashup Camp.” ~Wiki

While there are a number of types of these unconferences, the ones we care about are SpaceUp types.

“SpaceUp is a space unconference for people who care deeply about humanity’s future in space and want to play a part in it.” ~SpaceUp LA

There’s really a lot of room to innovate:  “SpaceUp is a space unconference, where participants decide the topics, schedule, and structure of the event. Unconferences have been held about technology, science, transit, and even cupcakes, but this is the first one focused on space exploration.” ~SpaceUp

There is so much to like about SpaceUp events…

“Unconferences are unconventional conferences. This means that there are no observers, only active participants. In contrast to regular conferences, for which you have to apply with an abstract and be accepted as a presenter, unconference participants simply prepare a little post-it note and stick it on the session grid wherever there is a free slot. In this way the unconference program is created spontaneously.” ~SpaceUp News

Only active participants!

If this is your sort of thing, you can give or receive by either organizing:  “Many are being planned around the world, but we need your help! Contact if you’re interested in organizing a SpaceUp in your city.” or attending.

And there is so much more!  Do take a look at or an event in a city near you!  Or, create one!

Watch for scheduled SpaceUp events here on

*Anyone may attend or organize, participation is expected
*Age may not be an issue
*Some cost may be involved


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