Continuing Education

Discovered just a few days ago, this educational resource has been around since 1970 apparently.

“Launchspace Training offers a unique service to the international space community. Since 1970, thousands of space industry professionals have been attending high-intensity professional development courses presented by leading experts in almost every aspect of space flight, launch vehicles and spacecraft. Most experienced space engineers and technologists are familiar with Launchspace’s reputation for quality course content and presentation. No one else can offer the level of quality, expert content and customization of these courses. Only Launchspace is dedicated to training space professionals!” ~Launchspace

In addition to their regular offerings you can find in the course catalog, they will custom deliver training to your specification:

“Not only does Launchspace offer the broadest selection of high-quality professional development and continuing education programs and seminars to the space community, we do it at locations around the world, we do it on demand and we do it according to your needs. Courses are oriented to the working space professional at all levels and are taught by experienced experts in their respective fields. These up-to-date courses, presented in a clear and understandable manner, lead the attendee to improved professional skills that are directly applicable to improved productivity and job performance.” ~Ibid.

In addition to information about the coursework, you can register for their newsletter, catch up on news, read various articles and enjoy the ‘NASA Image of the Day.’  Why not cruise on by Launchspace just to see what they are offering?

*Proficiency in certain areas probably required
*Probably adult material
*Cost maybe varied and somewhat significant


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