Do Something… Different!

Do something different/odd/unusual/noteworthy in the world to support your space dreams. Who knows, you might gain some notoriety you can leverage into something you need.

Remember when the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars? Perhaps you recall ‘the Mohawk Guy’ from the control room at JPL?

“As the rover called Curiosity made its hair-raising, breathtaking descent into the Martian atmosphere Sunday night, the viewers watching NASA’s live feed at home seemed to have just one question: Who’s that guy with the mohawk?” ~LA Times

That’s Bobak Ferdowski!

He had no idea he would be at the center of an explosion of popularity and the topic of a video called “We’re NASA and We Know It!” ~YouTube

With over 2 1/2 million views to date, that is something you can leverage.

There’s no real way to predict that kind of thing. It’s worthy of study though.

What are you up to?  Can you make it fun?  Get noticed?  Turn it into a benefit you can leverage?

It’s worth a shot!

*Use your unique constellation of skills
*Kids can do this too
*There may or may not be a cost involved


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