FUND your idea, get ADVICE, build your NETWORK

That’s the mantra of iCrowd a.k.a. Investment Crowdfunding portal.

“iCrowd, is an Investment Crowdfunding portal, which facilitates small business financing with its online platform to allow entrepreneurs to appeal directly to individual investors”~iCrowd Facebook page

iCrowd is not just another crowdfunding site.  It’s a resource for everyday investors and entrepreneurs!

There are changes coming to the laws in the United States that will make it easier for regular folks to invest in organizations like those who ‘qualify’ per the SEC (securities exchange commission).  It’s one way investors get wealthy.

By now, you may know that various crowdfunding sources are out there.  You can certainly set up a project in one of them.

What if you need something more?  Maybe you need more money or advice or a network?

That’s where iCrowd can help. Where Kickstarter and others like it help up to hundreds of thousands, iCrowd can help you raise a million.

iCrowd may be the first of this kind of enterprising collaboration.  It probably won’t be the last.

Unfortunately, iCrowd isn’t yet live.  I certainly see their ads all over the place.  I hope that means that they have the support to go live when the laws are finalized and we can take action on them.

I know I’m going to read everything on their site and learn all that I can, preparing myself to the best of my ability to be ready to pounce.  I already joined as an entrepreneur!

The other option is investor, which I’d better include.

Will you?

*Projects on one side/capital on the other needed
*An adult may be required
*No cost to join as an entrepreneur


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