Grant a Wish

Ever hear of Explorer Scouts?  My daughter and I were part of one of those groups – Aviation Explorer Scouts in Torrance, CA, USA when she was in High School.  What a great opportunity!

WISH reminds me of that.  It’s meant for young women and it’s a little more short-term than the Scouts group was.

“Women in Stem High School Aerospace Scholars (WISH) is a wonderful opportunity for young women that are juniors in high school from across the United States.” ~WISH

It’s not just a summer camp though:

“If you are a junior with a 3.25 GPA or higher and are interested in Science, Technology, Engineeirng and Mathematics NASA wants you for WISH. This once in a lifetime experience will help you to explore the possibility of becoming an engineer, scientist, researcher, or innovator. WISH starts with an online community and culminates with a summer onsite experience. This experience gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other young ladies from across the United States and NASA engineers and scientists to create a NASA based mission. WISH is truly a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime experience for you! Be sure to apply today.” ~Ibid.

If you are or you know any young women who would like an interesting experience like this, you’d better visit WISH soon as the deadline is not that far away, especially when you factor in the holiday craziness, er fun.

Be sure to check the details on this one!  You really want to get it right.

*Open to young women, United States citizens, good grades and more (check the WISH FAQ)
*Juniors in High School 2011-12 (verify that on the site!)
*No cost to those who qualify


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