Learn From Preppers

Have you ever noticed how, when you learn a new word or concept, suddenly, you see it everywhere?  Well, my friend Carolyn, over at Dried Food Kitchen, used the word ‘prepper’ a few months ago, and I’ve been seeing & hearing it ever since.

As Everyday Spacers, we must think about things like air, water and food (in that order!), carrying it with us, producing it on the road, what kind of tools & equipment we’ll need how to make that part of daily life.

The preppers might have some good strategies, tools, etc.  I figure it would be worthwhile paying some attention to them.  My friend Carolyn recently posted “Top 5 Questions on Long Term Food Storage” which made me realize that ‘oh, yeah, gotta think about food on a big long space trip, somehow.’

I wrote a comment asking her how much storage space would be required per person per year.  Carolyn is focused on particular dried foods.  Apparently, foods with oil do not last as long as other things.  I’ve been learning a lot from her I suddenly realized.

What are we going to need to do, to plan for this, to prepare for it?

I’ve thought about many things we’ll have to adapt to in microgravity like how would you do yoga there, why do we have PhDs doing construction work rather than carpenters and others in those trades, and other things.

What about the basics?  What will we need to remain healthy & happy out there?  How much of everything?  How do you store stuff?  How do you keep vermin out?

Could be good to study preppers and see what they’re thinking, how they work it, what they do…

How do you store stuff?  It seems like a huge volume of space for every single person.  I’m still waiting on a reply to my question of how many cubic meters of storage are required to feed one person for one year.

Some of the products Carolyn knows about can last 25 years in their packaging which is pretty amazing.

If you plan a trip with current technology even to the nearest star, 25 years doesn’t really cut it.  You might be on a trip for generations.  What must we do though?  Get stuff along the way, carry seeds and other condensed items like that.  Earth supports us in many ways that we don’t even think about.

Seems like preppers may already have some of these questions sorted out.  How do they think about long term survival?  How do they store stuff?

How do they think about other problems with food & water?

What can we learn from them?

Do they think long term enough?

Who else might know something about this?

*Internet access, interviews perhaps
*Anyone can study the prepper ways
*Unknown costs to implement, study can be time spent


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  1. Carolyn says:

    You can call freeze-dried food ASTRONAUT Food since it is so light and can last for 20 years. :)

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