Reach YOUR Target Market Today!

Reach YOUR Target Market Today!

Here at, we attract new people every day. Over 100 a month join one of our six meetups.

Every month, we attract over 100 new members into our meetup groups who have said ‘yes’ to learning about space exploration, science and astronomy. Here are some recent months…

o May 131 (5th thru 31st)
o June 152
o July 187
o August 129
o September 144
o October 128

Would you consider sponsoring all 6 meetups for $30 a month total? There are currently 2,899 total members and counting. That breaks down to $0.01 per person per month, and falling, as more people join! We’ll lock in your rate for 2017, now, if you join us today! Here’s what we offer…

*Image, description and active link right on our meetups, which appears on every page of our meetups
*Embedded copy in events pages (periodically-to avoid ‘ad blindness’)
*Embedded copy in emails which get sent out to members (periodically)
*Periodic call to action (with your notification of special events)
*Special deals for our members for a limited time – if you are willing to offer them

Below are the current cities we are in and the number of members we have already attracted per city…

• Thousand Oaks, CA – 412
• Boston, MA – 774
• Providence, RI – 454
• Cleveland, OH – 355
• Los Angeles, CA – 551
• Phoenix, AZ – 353
Total: 2,899

These 6 cities are just the beginning. I’d like our members to have a substantial network for when they move or travel so that they will have instant friends and stuff to do in a new location, so I’m planning more cities to build a meetup in. With more cities, we’ll attract more than 100 members a month! When the new cities come online, I’m willing to add them to your account, no extra charge.

If you would like to reach out to 2,800+ people new to your business, and continually growing, as time goes on; I encourage you to take advantage of this deal right away!

Who else will offer you $0.01 per person per month, or less, to advertise to them?

I accept cash, check, bank transfer or credit card payable quarterly or annually and I can be reached at…

Pam Hoffman

Thank you for your consideration!

Online Influence…


Facebook: >> over 1100 ‘Likes’ >> over 300 ‘Likes’ >> over 17K’Likes’ – I’m one of the admins on this Page

Twitter: >> over 800 ‘Followers’

Pinterest: >> over 1000 ‘Followers’

Meetups I organize: >> over 400 members >> over 700 members >> over 400 members >> over 300 members >> over 500 members >> over 300 members

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