Ride the Vomit Comet!

There are several ways to simulate microgravity sensations, here on Earth.

Swing high on a sturdy playground swing set and you’ll get a fraction of a second of that sensation – seemingly unfettered by gravity.

Drop things down a deep well and you get many times that effect, counted in seconds.

Fill a vessel with a gas lighter than air to the point it becomes ‘neutrally buoyant’ and you get a bit of an idea what it’s like to move masses, off world.

For many years, one of the best ways to obtain a ‘weightless’ experience for more than a few seconds was to take a ride in a plane, flying in parabolic loops.

“A reduced gravity aircraft is a type of fixed-wing aircraft that provides brief near-weightless environments in which to train astronauts, conduct research and film motion pictures.

“Versions of such airplanes, officially nicknamed Weightless Wonders, have been operated by the NASA Reduced Gravity Research Program. The unofficial nickname “Vomit Comet” became popular among those who experienced their operation.” ~Wiki


“NASA has flown zero gravity flights on various aircraft for many years. In 1959, Project Mercury astronauts trained in a C-131 Samaritan aircraft, which was dubbed the ‘Vomit Comet.'”~Ibid.

The affectionately named ‘Vomit comet’ was due to the large number of parabolas the trainees were subjected to on a flight.

Today, there are several opportunities to experience artificial weightlessness like this for yourself.  The best known is probably Zero G Corporation created by Dr. Peter Diamandis.

“Float like an Astronaut and fly like a superhero in weightlessness. A ZERO-G Experience is the only one of its kind.” ~Zero G Corp.

For about five grand (more if you must travel to a site) you can go through training, pre and post flight activities, souvenirs and the flight itself.

“A ZERO-G Experience® is available starting at $4,950 per person. Your ZERO-G Experience® includes 12-15 parabolas, your own ZERO-G flight suit, ZERO-G merchandise, a Regravitation Celebration, certificate of weightless completion, photos and video of your unique experience. Read more about how it works.”

Oh, you would only experience about 1/2 the number of parabolas the astronauts endured so, chances are, you won’t have the ‘vomit’ part of the experience.

From flights for fun, education and research, Zero G Corporation offers a nice service.

Until we can live and work and play out there, this type of flight is a way to see what it’s like for yourself.  Do read more at http://www.gozerog.com/ and, book a flight if you can.

*If Steven Hawking can go, you can probably go
*Unknown age limitations
*A fairly significant cost for many


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