Sky Safari – A Way For YOU to Earn Money!

If you could use $499 or more…

We are now offering a 3 day Premium Training Intensive for 5-10 people at least 2-3 weekends a month.

More info here:

We offer training in the daytime and observing at night. When they leave, our students know a lot about astronomy and how to navigate the night sky.

I need minimum of 10 people at $2000 per month a person to see any profit. There are some hard costs involved – some of which expand with the number of people, some don’t.

To recap, the ideal goal:
Sky Safari
2-3 weekends a month
5-10 people each weekend

My biggest challenge is finding the right people. My best idea about solving that (so far) is to contact businesses that want to offer a corporate retreat as a reward, incentive or inspiration for their employees.

I need at least 1-2 months to coordinate all the pieces.

Do you know anyone in a business who offers a retreat to their employees?

If you can find clients, I’ll do the rest.

If you can find me 10 people, anyone really, to sign up at $2,499 a person, I would be happy to split that $2k/$499 per person – I need at least 2 events a month with 5 people at $2k each to cover expenses and earn a little profit, according to our math.

If you find any buyers, please contact me so we can make arrangements and get you paid!

Our first events are likely to be in Southern California. After that, we can expand to other locations.

It’s All About Action!

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  1. Pam Hoffman says:

    Thought of a few more ways to entice groups.

    Offer “Sky Safari” to a church as a fundraiser. Feel free to work up a split with them or offer the full $499 as your contribution.

    Kiwanas, Shriners, Scouts, etc. all might want to offer their members a great outing and a fundraiser for them too.

    I’m sure you’ll have even more creative ideas about groups which might want to raise funds.

    This is definitely something different and it’s training that would last a lifetime for the person going through the experience!

    [maybe these work as well… Event Planners, Concierge, St. Jude’s, etc.]

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