Support Space-Worthy Hardware

Ever hear of the Gravity Development Board or GDB?

“The GDB has been designed to be the first space tolerant open hardware electronic prototyping board, enabling any type of person or company to create space qualified hardware. But while the GDB can help create outer space products, it is not just for space. It’s a powerful and versatile programming board that engineers, artists, designers, and students can use in any project they can imagine. This includes prototypes and first release products involving pressure, light, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors, high current motors, servos, LED lighting, and many other human/computer interfaces.” ~Rocket Hub Campaign

The board is smaller, faster and can handle more current yet seems space rated still.

The ramifications of this board affect various aspects of launching payloads off-world.  Smaller equipment can be launched for less money.  The GDB can be tested more rapidly and changed quickly if needed.

This is a great way for Everyday Spacers to take action!

So, check out the Gravity Development Board:  An open source, faster, better prototyping standard campaign on RocketHub.  You’ll learn all the details there!

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