The Evolution of Astronaut Food

An astronaut career has always been shrouded in a veil of mystery. Many people perceive astronauts as extraordinary and out-of-this-world kind of people. In a way they are, since they live and spend their lives between galaxies, exploring and unveiling the universe. Becoming an astronaut implies taking a long and winding road that few decide to follow and many never complete. If and when they finally reach the end of it, that’s where the real journey starts.

Traveling to space is an adventure to say the least and there is so much more to it than just floating around ISS due to microgravity and sleeping in upright position. The conditions these men and women face on their job are so extreme that they need a whole team of scientists, doctors and experts to watch their backs. Of course, physical and mental fitness play an important, if not crucial role when aboard. In order to minimize the risk factors and keep their health under control, astronauts must pay special attention to their nutrition.

Ever since 1960’s the spacecraft food choices and preparation methods have been evolving. From food in tubes to freeze-dried meals, we are entering a new era of growing food in space. For the time being, take a look at this interesting graphic that explains what some key factors in astronauts’ diet on ISS, historical facts behind space food and what it is that we can expect in the future regarding this basic human necessity in outer space.

Infographic - Evolution of Food in Space: From Bland Puree to Almost Like on Earth The Evolution of Astronaut Food

Article Credit: Joy Billings

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