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While I knew about Hobby Space, I only recently learned about Space-for-all, the Hobby Space blog.  Nor did I know about their philosophy:

“This blog supports the website with daily news and commentary. The goal of HobbySpace is to get as many people as possible involved and participating in humanity’s expansion into outer space.

“There’s some sort of hobby or activity that’s directly or indirectly related to space that will fit everyone. It can be technical, such as rocketry or space radio, or non-technical, such as space art and music. Just browse around HobbySpace to find a part of space that right for you.” ~Hobby Space blog

Which is very similar to the Everyday Spacer concept.

There’s something for everyone off-world because, out there, we’ll need everything.  While there are plenty of resources out there, it doesn’t have what we can bring to the table, as far as we can tell… yet.

We bring life and art and the irrational.  Sure, robots can do plenty for us, how useful are cars, microwaves and washing machines as well as Mars rovers?  They don’t innovate or love or care for their young… yet.  And they may never do so. Our machines are very happy doing the job they were built to do.

How did I find out about the Hobby Space blog now you ask?

I found a pingback in my comments pointing to the post (pictured) about the Carnival of Space #285, which I hosted!

There is a lot of great stuff on Space-for-all like a video interview of Helen Sharman,* comic book art and politics as well as space news.  I’m still figuring out how the blog works though.  It seems like it’s in a non-standard blogging format and it’s not as intuitive as it could be unless you start at the link I provided near the top of this article.

Starting from Hobby Space itself doesn’t immediately point to the blog nor did the pingback.  Feel free to start from here.  I’m going to!

While there are many wonderful things there, I’m not sure how much is there for you to actually do!  Around here, it’s all about action – the kind that you can actually take.

*Internet access
*Any age
*No cost to read the blog


MY APOLOGIES I recently activated a ‘captcha’ plug-in. Each comment will now verify you are a visitor who wants to leave an actual comment. I saw hundreds of messages a day which had nothing to do with Everyday Spacer, or you. The task of sifting and sorting was keeping me from writing and from your real comments. Please reach out as you wish, I want to hear from you and be of service, as I am able. I would not use the ‘captcha’ program if I didn’t have to.

*Helen Sharman is a great example of an Everyday Spacer.  She is a regular person who entered a contest and won.  Talk about action!  And the small action she took turned into a great adventure for her.

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