Watch for Taurids

From:  EarthSky

This first weekend of November, 2012, offers a meteor shower, although moonlight will interfere. The South Taurid meteors are expected to be at their best late night on Sunday, November 4 and after midnight on Monday, November 5. But we’ve already been hearing from people who say they’ve seen meteors, or shooting stars, streaking along in dark skies. Watch for them if you’re outside.

The other Taurid shower – the North Taurids – should add a few more meteors to the mix. The forecast calls for the North Taurid shower to be raining down the most meteors a week from now, in the second weekend of November 2012. The moon will be thinner in phase then, adding less light to the sky.

As a general rule, the Taurid showers do not exhibit…

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