Which Kind of Adventurer Would YOU Rather Be?

In a ‘live poll’ I’m watching today, I noticed that a goodly number of regular folks would like to be an astronaut, more than any other choice for that poll.

Here are the choices…

  • An astronaut
  • A cave explorer (spelunker)
  • A scuba diver
  • A sled dog racer
  • A mountain climber

MintVine Poll Infographic 6/9/16
Now I’m sure there are a lot of other ‘adventure’ categories out there and the one you favor might not be on this particular list.

I bet the results would be about the same in any lineup, however!

Few things are more exciting than space exploration and we are wired to explore whether it’s around the corner, around the world or around the universe!

At Everyday Spacer, it’s my job to show regular folks how they can personally and directly participate in space exploration, science and astronomy! Here are the 3 best ways to help you do just that…

Stay Tuned for Updates Too! I bet there is something for you in one or more of these. Check it out!

p.s. To learn more about MintVine, just click here!

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