Women, Lean In!

Are you a woman?  Do you know one?

If you’re a woman, you may have felt the sting of being ‘discouraged and left out’ of non-traditional things, that Vivek mentions.

Did you ever sincerely ask “How can I help?” [build the kitchen for example] only to hear “The best thing you can do is stay out of the way.” while watching your male sibling, six years your junior, whack away in the construction area with a hammer on wood.*

Then you may be as excited as I am to hear that a new book is being created to help counter this problem…

“The book will discuss the challenges women have faced in different fields of innovation; how they achieved success as entrepreneurs and in the workplace; and strategies companies have employed to diversify their pool of talent and support women moving up the ladder.” ~Huff Post Women

The book employs its own innovation – crowd creating.

If you’re even a little bit interested in encouraging women, I suggest you head on over to read the rest of this story.

*Turns out, my brother is actually way less interested in that sort of thing than I am.  He got his own workbench in the new workshop (which I dug all the dirt out of), as well.

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