Xcor: Out of the Box, Into an Art Gallery

Received an email.  They are referring to events happening today.

XCOR Orbits the Art World

EZ Rocket in gallery


Dear Friends and Fellow XCOR-ians,

This Saturday, XCOR is honored to take part in a *true first* for space exploration and the art world, when both will meet in an exceptional installation series titled Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Science in Space.  This exhibition kicks-off with a panel including Khaki Rodway at 3PM tomorrow.  It will take place at the University of California, Riverside at the Sweeney Art Gallery (location via Google Maps here: http://goo.gl/maps/RgSkz).

The exhibition is free and open to the public, and includes XCOR in a couple of great ways.

  1. Khaki Rodway will be speaking on a panel at 3-5 PM tomorrow–opening night–and will also include artists and exhibition creators. You are all invited to hear her discuss the connection between XCOR, EZ-Rocket and citizen science in space.
  2.  Our EZ-Rocket is installed in the exhibition as well!  See the press release for more information.

As mentioned in the original release, this is (amazingly) the *first* contemporary art exhibition in the United States to present an international array of artists and organizations who are exploring the potential democratization of space exploration and the intersection between artistic production and civilian space travel.

And as someone who tracks the art world, I have to say there are some really great artists in this such as Trevor Paglen, most recently the author of The Last Pictures, a book on how our most lasting cultural artifact may be the satellites we leave behind.
We hope you can make it, and see you soon!


Bryan Campen

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