Build Your Network!

I was recently invited to help provide content to the Yuri Gagarin Facebook Page.  I’ve posted a few things already and the post are getting thousands of views!

What an incredible opportunity to spread the word about space!

And the networking potential is pretty nice too.  I already introduced ES to some of the members.

This has clarified my thinking about using leverage.  It’s vital.

I also submitted a request to HARO (help a reporter out).  I’m hoping that goes out to all 100 thousand members!

Then there’s the Carnival of Space.  About once a month, plays host to a network of bloggers (including some big name sites!) and that boosts our views, for a few days, beyond the normal.  We’re getting our name out there!

Now, is a little different.  It’s primarily a site about business.  It’s still a good tool.  We’re cooking up a whole series of things that should build profits as well as bring spacers opportunities to do some fun and important work in the space community!

It’s never too early to start making connections and maintaining them for when you need to get your message out and make something happen.

*Anyone can network!
*Sometimes kids make better contacts than adults do
*It will take time, for sure and sometimes other resources.


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