Call For Papers – Conference in September


Papers are invited in the defined technical tracks that propose or review specific technology or basic research with the potential to incrementally or radically traverse or identify gaps in knowledge and capability needed to achieve human interstellar travel.

• Destinations: Known and Hidden Obstacles

The reality of space beyond our solar system, while becoming clearer, is still in a broad sense unexplored and unknown. Papers in this track are invited to offer strategies, techniques, processes and solutions to help identify and meet the challenges in selecting an interstellar destination and survival when such destination is reached.

• Design: Space: How might we best design the habitats, clothing and equipment for daily use on board a craft on such a journey? The track will address these questions by exploring larger questions of design process and theory as well as focused examinations of concepts for specific design areas.

• Factors of Time & Distance
In considering the long time and vast distances of interstellar space travel, how should the issues best be defined to facilitate the search for solutions? What is the state of potential solutions? How can current knowledge and projects help meet the interstellar challenge?

• Dimensions of Life In Vivo and In Vitro
The life sciences in space exploration today make implicit assumptions about the type of crewmembers, their tasks, their culture and even the requirements for life to be carbon based elsewhere. What strategies, techniques, basic science, uses of space as an experimental platform, and philosophies about life must be addressed and identified to achieve the capability for human interstellar space exploration?

• Becoming and Interstellar Civilization: Culture, Governance and Ethics
This session invites papers which explore the evolution of culture, governance and ethics that will challenge us or are needed as humans seek to create a star faring society

• Interstellar Aspiration- Commercial Perspiration
This session invites papers that include current and potential commercial applications for space technology and exploration in the next 30 years.

• College Tracks: The Next Generation
College undergraduates are invited to present papers on any of the topics of the Symposium technical tracks during this session or to imagine how earth during their lifetime would be with or without a global interstellar ambition.

• Interstellar Enhances Life on Earth
Session seeks papers on new and novel current or proposed application of space and interstellar disciplines, research and knowledge to understanding and enhancing life on earth


Submissions Accepted Starting: 26 April, 2013
Final Abstracts Due: 31 May, 2013
Notification of Paper Acceptance: 30 June, 2013
Accepted Papers Due: 30 August, 2013

We’ll  announce the event on the blog closer to the time as well.

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