Carnival of Space #318

Welcome to Carnival of Space #318!

Every week, a different blogger hosts a variety of articles submitted by other ‘carnival’ members to bring you a symphony of voices in the spacer blogosphere. is the host this week.

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On with the show!

Rocks in His Head
Steve Nerlich | Cheap Astronomy

Cheap Astronomy presents a podcast on the lunar geology investigations conducted over the Apollo era, under the guidance of geologist Gene Shoemaker.

Starmap Media: Personal Trainer
Flying Singer | Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres discusses Starmap Media, a new “mobile astronomy education” product for iPhones and iPads.

We Are All Bits of the Cosmos
C.C. Peterson | The Spacewriter’s Ramblings

TheSpacewriter talks about how we are starstuff and relates it to the WhatISee Project profiling women in all walks of life, including scientists, politicians, writers, and many more. IDIC!

Auroras Abound
Megan Watzke | Here. There. Everywhere.

What happens here, happens there, and everywhere: Auroras Abound
The aurora borealis (aka, “the Northern Lights”) are one of the most spectacular natural displays in the world. People travel thousands of miles to see them for themselves. But what if you could recreate the Northern Lights right where you are?

NASA Sending Lunar Orbiter and China Sending Lunar Rover This Year
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

A NASA Lunar orbiter and a Chinese lunar robotic rover are on tap for this year

Inflatable Space Stations, Reusable Rockets and Spiderfab for the 2020s
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

Inflatable space stations by themselves could produce an affordable 84 person space station but combined with reusable rockets and spiderfab construction, we could make a 2000 person space station with many megawatts of solar power in the 2020s

Water in the Solar System
Brian Wang | Next Big Future

Recently we found more hydroxyl sources at the bottom of lunar craters. Here is a review of the major areas with water in the solar system

Joe Latrell | Photos to Space

“Good news as NASA’s new lunar orbiter LADEE (the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) is headed for the moon with all systems go. The 550 pound (248 kg) vehicle was blasted into Earth orbit aboard a Minotaur V rocket from the Wallops Space Center in Virginia. From there it will take a slow 30 day transit to…”

Looks like we got us a Comet Convoy…
Stuart Atkinson | Cumbrian Sky

Well, it seems that the much anticipated Comet ISON will have company when it’s in the sky later this year. Famed comet discoverer Terry Lovejoy has found another comet, and the latest Comet Lovejoy will be joining ISON in the northern sky in December. In fact, they will be keeping each other company from the start of November – a prospect which will have comet observers and astrophotographers…

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