Express Yourself!

Ever thought about what we might be wearing in the future or off-world? We’ve certainly seen enough interesting garb on our favorite sci fi shows and movies.

Do you think this is trivial or is it important?

I believe that few things are more important to your being than expressing yourself.  Not just superficially, as in your outerwear.  I mean really finding your style in clothes, the things you do, the way you act; in short, everything.

Fortunately, there is an excellent resource to learn this for yourself in the form of a book.  Here is the description from their sales page…

“STYLE STATEMENT is an inspiring take on the power of style and authenticity. Deemed “style psychotherapists,” Carrie and Danielle are the creators of the Style Statement: a two-word compass that helps you make more confident choices in life — from your wardrobe to your relationships, your living room to your career plans.

“Part workbook, part inspirational narrative, STYLE STATEMENT presents a series of inquiries that lead readers to the personal words that guide the spirit, look and feel of their life. The first word represents your foundation, your 80%. The second word, your 20%, is what motivates and distinguishes you.

“Via Carrie and Danielle’s Lifestyle Map, readers then explore how their own unique Style Statement can generate momentum in every area of their life.”
~Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design

I went through enough of the book a few years ago to find my personal statement.

Knowing what it is explains a lot, like why I like certain shows the most, I know why I liked one of the quilted jackets I saw in a book from the 70s and what to look for in everything when it comes time to replace it.

Hopefully, you’ll discover your Style Statement too! I’m very interested in hearing about it, if you’d like to share.

*Expressing yourself is vital
*Start at any age
*You’ll be buying things anyway, right?

*Laura Bray

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