Focus on the Sun

Saturday, April 26th, we went to one of our meetup events:  Focus on the Sun

What a great experience that was!

We went a little early to see if they would hang our fliers for the local meetup.  Everyone was friendly and generous with their time and knowledge.

I saw some views of our closest star that I’d never seen before!  See that arrangement of three telescopes in the middle of the picture?  That was our main instrument!  Three views together.

Kevin of Focus Astronomy was behind the event and Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope hosted us providing the location, goodies & a raffle.  We actually won a prize from the raffle!  We’ll review that in a future post.

If you are in the Southwest region of the USA, you can request a visit from Focus.  Contact info is here.  I highly recommend that you do!

See more photos of the event in Kevin’s gallery.  This was a great find.  We’ll be watching for more events by them and we’ll post them when they are near our groups.

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