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Nearly 3,000 astronomers will descend upon Long Beach, Calif., next week for the year’s largest astronomy conference.

The 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) kicks off Sunday (Jan. 6) and will run through Jan. 10 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. The meeting, one of two held annually by the AAS, has been billed as the “Super Bowl of astronomy.”

“Our winter meeting is generally about twice as big as our summer one and is the biggest astronomy meeting of the year,” AAS press officer Rick Fienberg told

New discoveries on alien planets, black holes, distant galaxies, and the worlds of our solar system will be presented. Scientists will announce the newest findings of X-ray, gamma-ray and optical telescopes, and astronomers will hash out the latest news about the universe’s confounding enigmas, such as dark energy and dark matter — two mysterious types of stuff that appear to make up the bulk of the cosmos.

More than 2,700 professors, researchers, and students are already registered, and…

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