Hire Someone to Launch _______

Hire someone to launch (blank) – ‘blank’ being some object or other.

Last year, JP Aerospace was hired to do just that and the event was aired on a BBC television this week. A clip of that video is below.

What did Richard Hammond of Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature ask JP to launch?

A light bulb.

JP Aerospace had already launched a chair for Toshiba.  What would you like them to launch?

You know about Pongsats already right?  You can put a lot inside a ping pong ball and JP will launch it, no charge, some restrictions apply.

Did you know that they offer another nice service called ‘Billboard in Space’?  You send them an image, they mount it on the vehicle somewhere and when the image is in position – with the curvature of the Earth in the background – they take pictures.  If the launch is successful, you get the pictures back and you have your image on a billboard in space!

Would you like to know more?  Start on the Space Ad page of the JP Aerospace website.  We had one years ago, for a different business, and the image is still on their site!

If you need something launched off world, you know who to call!

*Best for advertising
*Anyone with the resources
*Different ads are different amounts


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