Launch a PongSat

My friend John Powell has been running JP Aerospace, America’s OTHER Space Program, for many years now.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Today, let’s delve into a really great program they offer called PongSat.

“A PongSat is an experiment that fits inside a ping pong ball. These ping pong ball “satellites” are flown to the edge of space by balloons or launched in sounding rockets.  There are currently six to ten high-altitude missions flown by JP Aerospace each year. All of these missions can carry PongSats.”

You may want to start with the PongSat Users Guide.  It’s a 12 page PDF online that gives you a very nice overview of what the program is about, some ideas for your own experiment and a few prohibited items (nothing living please).

They cover the environment your PongSat will go into, the vehicles that carry the PongSats and specifics to your Pongsat.

There is a registration page right in the PDF.  I recommend you do everything you can to prepare the PongSat, fill in the form then, contact JP Aerospace, then send in your experiment.

There’s a very nice video with a little more information on their 1000 Student Projects to the Edge of Space Kickstarter page.   [While you’re there, consider starting your own project!]  Watch for that launch on September 22nd.

From the very simple to the very elaborate, you can get your very own PongSat program launched today!

*”The PongSat program is completely free and open to everyone.”
*Any age
*Experiment, ping pongs, shipping costs apply

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