SpaceHack Part 1

Lookie What I Found:  Space Hack

I was wondering if there was anything out there similar to Everyday Spacer.  I have been looking and so far, this is the first thing I’ve found.

If you know of any others PLEASE let me know!  I want to find them all and reveal them to you.

Let’s take a general look at what Space Hack is doing and how it might help you find the perfect project for you or an amateur spacer you know (or a budding amateur spacer).  I shall delve into particular parts of the site later.

They categorize the directory into five areas and they color code them.  Each part of each area has a nice photo with the color of the category and a sub title with a synopsis below each.

The five categories:  data analysis, distributed computing, education, open source, competition

Colored (respectively):  hot pink, orange, golden rod, teal, purple

What appeals to you the most?  Working with data?  Letting your computer work with data?  Learning things or open source?  Maybe competitions?  Building things, maybe a little adrenaline rush?  Sounds like there is plenty for all.  And maybe you’ll win a prize!

Warning:  There are only two contest items still active in that category.

On the home page, all the projects are mixed up and is very colorful.  This is one to watch!  What will they show us next?  I’d like to help them with that maybe – they don’t have PongSat yet I noticed.

*Wide Range of Projects, Various Abilities Required
*Exploring Ages These Projects Are Meant For
*Exploring the Costs Associated With the Projects


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  2. Retta says:

    Heck of a job there, it albsoutley helps me out.

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