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Does Nationalism Belong in Space?

Looking at this NASA photo with the nations’ flags so prominently on the uniforms got me thinking. Is nationalism good, bad or unimportant in space? Granted, up until now most space related accomplishments have been nationalistic: “we had the first … Continue reading

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Spotting Tool

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You know about Heaven’s Above from before.  I just found a site that notifies you when the ISS – International Space Station is overhead. It’s pretty easy to sign up.  You do need to confirm. It lasts a year and … Continue reading

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Launch a PongSat

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My friend John Powell has been running JP Aerospace, America’s OTHER Space Program, for many years now.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Today, let’s delve into a really great program they offer called PongSat. “A PongSat is an … Continue reading

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Satellite Tracking

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Did you know that you can see orbiting satellites in the night sky?  I mean the ones we launched from Earth! The moon is our only natural satellite and there is a LOT to see there (other planets in our … Continue reading

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