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…Cape Canaveral AFS FL
…Brussels, Belgium
…Herzelia, Israel
…in orbit around Saturn
…Goheung, South Jeolla, South Korea
…Noordwijk, The Netherlands
…Columbia MD
…Stanford CA
…Huntsville AL


Jan 28 — 27th Challenger 51-L Observation, Nationwide USA: Shuttle accident took place 28 January 1986 killing seven crew members including Commander Francis R. “Dick” Scobee, its pilot, Michael J. Smith, and its crew, Christa McAuliffe (the 1st ‘Teacher in Space’), Mission Specialists Ellison S. Onizuka, Judith A. Resnick and Ronald E. McNair, along with Payload Specialist Gregory B. Jarvis.

Jan 28-29 — NASA, Titusville FL: Social Media Followers: View the Launch of Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-K; for 60 invited social media followers to view satellite launch, tour Kennedy Space Center, interact with NASA scientists / engineers.

Jan 29 — ULA, Launch Atlas 5 / TDRS-K, Cape Canaveral AFS FL: A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket set to launch Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) which will connect mission control with ISS, other orbiting satellites; 20:52 – 21:32 EST.

Jan 29 — COSMOS, European Commission, et al, Brussels, Belgium: 5th Conference on EU Space Policy: Building up a Global Tool for Global Challenges.

Jan 29 — SETI Institute, Mountain View CA: Colloquium: First Results from the ChemMin Mineralogical Instrument on Mars Science Laboratory; presented by David Blake of Space Science and Astrobiology Division, NASA Ames Research Center; 12:00 PST.

Jan 29-31 — The Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, Herzelia, Israel: 8th Annual International Ilan Ramon Space Conference.

Jan 30 — Sea Launch, Launch Zenit 3SL / Intelsat 27, Odyssey Platform, Equator at 154° W: Sea Launch Zenit 3SL rocket to deliver Intelsat 27 communications satellite to orbit; 20:56 – 21:54 PST.

Jan 30 — Cassini OTM-339, Saturn Orbit: Spacecraft conducts Orbital Trim Maneuver #339 today.

Jan 30 – Feb 8 — Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Launch KSLV 1 / STSAT 2C, Goheung, South Jeolla, South Korea: Scheduled launch window of Jan 30 – Feb 8 for third attempt to launch Naro Rocket with scientific satellite payload from Naro Space Center; launch window 15:55 – 19:30 local time.

Jan 30 — Space Angels Network, Online: Virtual Pitch Series; to connect investors and space entrepreneurs; for SAN members only; 12:00 PST.

Jan 30 — European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands: Electromagnetic Devices in Aerospace Mechanisms – Workshop 2013; to discuss latest developments, future needs of electromagnetic devices and their modeling.

Jan 30-31 — COSMOS, European Commission, et al, Brussels, Belgium: Horizon 2020 Workshop on Space Technology.

Jan 30-31 — Applied Technologies Institute, Columbia MD: The Space Environment – Implications for Spacecraft Design Course; conducted by Dr. Alan Tribble; US$1,245.

Jan 31 – Feb 10 — Iranian Space Agency: Designated launch period for sending live monkey into space.

Jan 31 — Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation, Stanford CA: SIEPR-COECST Space Policy Workshop; providing overview of market by FAA Ken Davidian and Scott Hubbard of Stanford, as well as ITAR policy and launch rights / efficiency issues; held in John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn–SIEPR Building, 13:00 – 17:30 PST.

Jan 31 — NASA Flight Opportunities Program, Online: Extended Deadline Due Date: AFO (Announcement of Flight Opportunities) #6 – For Payloads Maturing Crosscutting Technologies that Advance Multiple Future Space Missions to Flight Readiness Status.

Jan 31 — U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville AL: Explorer’s Ball Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Skylab; with Dr. Owen Garriott and Skylab astronauts.

Jan 31 — AIAA, Online: Abstract Deadline, for the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference; AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference; AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference; AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference; on Aug 19-22.

Jan 31 – Feb 1 — European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands: Mechanisms’ Final Presentation Days 2013; for European entities to discuss their latest space mechanisms and tribology technology developments.

Looks like a busy month.  See More on the Space Calendar Page:  Downrange

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