If You Are In…

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…Hakone, Japan
…London, UK
…Mountain View, CA, USA
…Noordwijk, The Netherlands
…Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
…Pasadena CA
…San Francisco, CA, USA
…Taipei, Taiwan, China
…Washington DC, USA

You might enjoy something on this list:


Dec 3 — GRAIL, Lunar Orbit: NASA Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory concludes extended science operations mission.

Dec 3 — NASA, Washington DC: ‘NASA International Space Station Advisory Committee Meeting;’ 13:00 – 14:00 EST.

Dec 3 — AIAA, Mountain View CA:PolarBot – a Low-Cost Semi-Autonomous Antarctic Rover;’ presented by Satish Chetty, polar technology developer.

Dec 3-5 — European Commission, DG Enterprise, et al, London, United Kigdom: European Space Solutions;’ to explore how space can make a difference to people across Europe.

Dec 3-7 — American Geophysical Union, San Francisco CA:AGU 45th annual Fall Meeting.’

Dec 3-8 — NAOJ, The University of Tokyo, et al, Hakone, Japan: New Trends of Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era – The 30th Anniversary of Nobeyama Radio Observatory;’ to discuss new / future trends expected for Radio Astronomy; held in The Prince Hakone.

Dec 4 — American Geophysical Union, NASA, San Francisco CA: ‘NASA Social Event in San Francisco;’ bringing 20 social media users to the AGU 45th annual Fall Meeting.

Dec 4 — NASA, Washington DC: ‘NASA Social Meeting Event with Station Astronaut Joe Acaba;’ 09:00 EST at James E. Webb Memorial Auditorium, NASA Headquarters.

Dec 4 — IAA, National Space Organization, Taipei, Taiwan, China: Regional Meeting of the International Academy of Astronautics Taipei.’

Dec 4 — SETI Institute, Mountain View CA: Colloquium: ‘NASA’s Curiosity Rover: Four Months on Mars;’ presented by Deputy Scientist of the MSL Mission Ashwin Vasavada, 19:00 PST.

Dec 5 — The British Interplanetary Society, London, United Kingdom: Christmas Get-Together: The Last Men on the Moon;’ talk by Jerry Stone; 18:30 – 20:30 UT.

Dec 5-6 — Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, Boeing Company, MDA, Bluesky Strategy Group Inc., et al, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:2012 Canadian Aerospace Summit;’ held in Ottawa Convention Centre.

Dec 5-7 — European Space Agency, National Centre for Space Studies, IEEE, et al, Noordwijk, The Netherlands:6th ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation Technologies (NAVITEC 2012) & European Workshop on GNSS Signals and Signal Processing.’

Dec 6 — International Institute of Space Law, The Journal of Space Law, et al, Washington DC:The 7th Eilene M. Galloway Symposium on Critical Issues in Space Law.’

Dec 6-7 — Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena CA:The von Kármán Lecture Series: GRAIL Unwraps the Moon.’

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