Inside The Farmer’s Almanac

Hidden inside The Old Farmer’s Almanac is some amazing, weird and fun stuff!

Articles and ads that remind you of days gone by, some of which kind of make you go ‘oh, that can’t be real!’ yet someone paid for the ad.

And at the center is the good stuff:  The astronomy pages!

You want to know what phase of the moon you’ll see at night?  It’s in there.  Wondering what that really bright ‘star’ (probably a planet) is you don’t remember seeing at sunset?  It’s in there.

I learned that there might be a bright comet in 2013.  On both May 9th and November 3rd next year, there’s an eclipse!

Plot out meteor showers for the whole year on your calendar right now!

Everyday, there is something interesting to learn about the local system we orbit in.  Watch for more fun and useful information from the Farmer’s Almanac all year right here on Everyday Spacer!

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