Join a Star Party

The next idea:  Join a Star Party!

Unlike most parties, you may invite yourself to this one.  Most of the other ‘party goers’ will  be delighted to share what they know with you.

You can see some amazing things through a modest modern telescope, even in the city (light pollution is a topic for another day!).

The rings of Saturn
Globular Clusters
The Phases of Venus
Craters on the Moon
Star Hopping
The Green Flash
Satellites in Orbit
ISS – International Space Station
And More!

I’ve even seen a geosynchronous orbiting satellite!  You get a real sense of the rotation of the Earth when you see a geosynchronous orbiting satellite in a decent telescope!

So, where can you hook up with star party goers?  Some universities have an observatory and may open them on regular or special occasions to the general public.

Some other institutions and individuals build observatories too.

Your best bet is to find a local astronomy group (not to be confused with astrology –  different thing) and find out when & where they will be having a star party near you.

This is a great way to get familiar with people around you into this and the equipment they use.  Most amateur astronomers are very friendly and will allow you, nay encourage you, to look through their equipment.  Just be attentive, respect their equipment and you will have a great experience.

*This Can be a Kid Friendly Activity
*I Recommend 6+ ages
*Dress for cooler than the weather – standing out in a field is colder than you expect!

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