Landsat 8 Launch from Vandenberg AFB – RAW

We just got back from watching the launch.  Here is my first, of many, posts.  Later on, I’ll edit the video to tighten it up.

Landsat 8 Launch from Vandenberg AFB – RAW

The video quality is pretty good for being shot on a Nicon Coolpix at full optical zoom.

The actual launch happens at 6:30 but you should probably just jump to 6:00 to not miss anything.  Once the vehicle is off the ground and the camera is no longer confused by foreground stuff, you can see the rocket over the flame.

Toward the end, I pan to get a shot of the crowd watching the launch.  You may wish to take some Dramamine before viewing that; sorry.

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  1. Pam Hoffman says:

    I found a ‘playlist’ of NASA versions of the launch this morning. I think the order they put them in could be better. A nice beginning is here and maybe go backwards one to see the next part…


    Pam Hoffman

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