SpaceHack Part 3

The final three categories education, open source and contests, concludes our visit to for now, on Everyday Spacer.

While these aren’t as similar to each other as the first two were, most of the contests have past and only two appear to be ‘live’ so this was a good volume to take on for this post.  My advice is to visit the ‘contest’ area of periodically to see if they added any and maybe you could win a prize.

Education… [link]

There are some fun projects in there!  You could build a radio telescope, or grind a mirror for an optical one (I did that years ago – I ground a 6″F8!).  ‘My NASA Data’ looks very interesting, I’ll probably check that out soon.  And a few more that really seem to get you involved with real science.  Oh, you’ll know what you’ll like when you go there!

Note:  7 of the 9 items in this category appear to be live still

Open Source…  [link]

Perhaps I don’t entirely understand this category.  I’ll just say 4 out the 6 projects there seem to be live still so have a look.  I’ll probably dig a little deeper there too.

Competition… [link]

There are two still going in this category though some interesting past items.  I’ll just let you peruse the ones still live.  Again, checking back periodically may prove worthwhile.

Have you been to yet?  What are you waiting for?  Check it out!

*Wide Range of Projects, Various Abilities Required
*Ages These Projects Are Meant For
*the Costs Associated With the Projects


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