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Reckon you’re more of a scientist/geeky type? Perhaps you are a good moo-baa working in a 9 to 5 or serve on the home-front, yet feel trapped, yearning to discover something that is forever known by [enter your name here].

I can certainly sympathize, I was a single mom at 21 and I discovered since that I yearn for a PhD in Biophysics and one in Astronomy.

Someday, I’ll get those degrees. What about you?  What are your ultimate aspirations?

While we’re working on that, perhaps we can participate as Citizen Scientists.

“‘A citizen scientist is a volunteer who collects and/or processes data as part of a scientific enquiry.'”

And what if you are heavily into space exploration?  Well, maybe  Citizens in Space can help.

 “Citizens in Space is a nonprofit project working with (not for) the companies which are developing these new spacecraft. Our goal is to enable ordinary people to fly in space as citizen astronauts (citizen space explorers) and to enable citizen scientists to fly experiments in space.

“In the near future, there will be hundreds of suborbital astronauts, many self-funded, flying every year. Many of these citizen space explorers will want to perform a scientific experiment while they are in space. Citizens in Space will provide a matchmaking service that will connect citizen astronauts who want to perform experiments with citizen scientists who have experiments to fly.” ~Citizens in Space

As far as I can tell, Ed Wright is behind this through the United States Rocket Academy.

There is a ton more on the Citizens in Space website including a Call for Experiments, Astronaut Trainees (there’s still room for you), prizes and matchmaking – of professional scientists with regular folks like us.

If you are at all ready to realize even part of your goals, you deserve a little time browsing through the Citizens in Space website to learn more.  Why not right now?  Why delay?

*Initiative may be required
*This is probably kid friendly
*There may be costs in time and money


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