There’s an App for That!

If you’ve ever been to Griffith Observatory, you may have noticed the various scales set up with large pictures of planets nearby.

These are set to ‘weigh’ you on the various planets in our Solar System.

I often wondered about this in ‘years’ and, when someone bemoans their (30th, 40th, 50th… etc.) birthday, I would usually tell them ‘It’s only orbits, on any other planet it would be different.’

Now, finally, there’s and app for that!  You can find out how old you are on all of the planets in our Solar System, Pluto and the asteroid belt (generally anyway – it’s a wide area).

One of my friends told me that he hates birthdays.  My reply was ‘so, make them figure out when your next birthday is on Jupiter or something and if they do then you’ll celebrate!’  He thought that was a pretty good idea.  Sorry Richard, we programmed the app to figure out how many ‘years’ old you’ll be on Jupiter – in Jupiter years.  The leftovers are in Earth days.

So, how many Earth days are in each ‘year’ of the other planets?  Here’s a list, from our research on creating the app…

Mercury orbits the Sun every 88 Earth days
Venus orbits the Sun every 225 Earth days
Earth orbits the Sun every 365.25 Earth days
Mars orbits the Sun every 687 Earth days
Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 Earth years
Saturn orbits the Sun every 29 Earth years
Uranus orbits the sun every 84 Earth years
Neptune orbits the sun every 165 Earth years
Pluto orbits the sun every 247.68 Earth years

If you’d like to enter your birthday to see how old you are on another planet, etc. start on the birthday page, put in the date by day/month/year, then hit ‘enter’ and you’ll get the full list displayed.

We hope to improve the app in the near future.  There are also some other ideas floating around.  If you think of something cool and you’d like to see it made real, leave your comment below.  You’ll need to use the ‘captcha’ and write us soon here or contact us through the “About” page once the comment area expires.

Have fun!

*Programming skill:  have or hire
*May have time or money costs

*Jeff Miller did the programming
*Wikipedia for general information

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