Another Alliance!

We received great news today.

DIY Space Exploration is now part of our growing network as well.

We’ll be working on creating badges for your accomplishments with their organization.

Are you ready to get serious about creating our spacefaring future?  Here’s what’s going on at Everyday Spacer HQ…

We’re going for the Space Frontier Foundation Business Plan Contest; in the Space Scalable category.

The project we are submitting is a membership website.

The basic concept is to encourage and reward anyone in the world to actually take actions then report their accomplishments to the website.

Members can go as far as they want to, up to and including travel off-world, training themselves for the tasks needed, all along the way.

As a member of the site, you can find resources to get involved with space exploration in many ways and then go and ‘register’ whatever you do.

Let’s say you launched a PongSat. When you got it back from JP Aerospace, you could come to the site and add your picture or video and your ‘report’ of the experience. Rewards are virtual ‘badges,’ which you can also purchase, and points for your accomplishment.

If you got enough points, you could win prizes, like meeting an astronaut in person or a Zero G flight, etc. Of course, you would report those experiences to the site for more badges and points as well!

We’ll have games and other ways to learn new skills and you can connect with other members to collaborate on bigger projects.

Think scouting, “The Last Starfighter” and edutainment, blended together; to develop the human potential to do everything it takes to travel off world, then out to the stars.

In forming an alliance with you, we see a number of ways to support your organization.

In the short term…

*Worldwide exposure or publicity
*Potential ‘customers’ now, in the future or both
*Several memberships annually to use as you wish (gifts, prizes, fund raiser; current retail value $6 each)

As we grow, I’m sure we will see other ways to support your organization including, potentially…

*Contributions directly and through our contacts
*Share profits from the sale of embroidered badges based on any images you provide
*General membership demographics
*Future, as yet unforeseen, opportunities

When our membership site, is fully developed, we have a Resources page where members can learn how to get more involved with space activities.

Would you like your organization to be one of the groups our members can access there?

We are thrilled if your organization chooses be part of Spacer Guild and we see a few ways we’d love to have a little help…

*Provide graphical images of ‘badges’ we award our members when they accomplish tasks with DIY Space Exploration and which they can display on their profile page; providing further exposure to your group
*Any ‘prizes’ you might wish to contribute (memberships, conference tickets might be examples)
*Publicity or exposure for Spacer Guild in your region

We are currently building Spacer Guild, at by collecting the name and email address of all interested people.

We just started working on this and already on board:

Photos to Space at
Everyday Spacer at  << you are here!


DIY Space Exploration at


Ad Astra Kansas Foundation at

Shall we add:

Your Organization Today? :)

Thank you for your consideration!

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