Spacer Breaking Records?!?

In the video, Mark Shuttleworth narrates the concept of this innovative mobile device.

There are several reasons to tune into this campaign.

First of all, they have only been live a few days yet they’ve raised millions… “After raising $1 million in their first 4 hours, the Ubuntu Edge campaign has gone on to raise $5 million in less than two days. It’s breaking Indiegogo records left and right, and with your help, it could make history.” ~eMail from Indiegogo

So, what can we learn from this?  Perhaps many things and, certainly, add your own thoughts.  It’s probably a pretty good demonstration of supercredibility.

And, what don’t we see?  We don’t know how they got the word out initially.  There was probably a lot of legwork leading up to the launch of the campaign.  The Indiegogo eMail message was a big boost.

How can we put that to use in our own endeavors?

Also, is this the same Mark Shuttleworth who bought a ticket to space?  I think I’ll do a little digging to find out.

Lastly, the campaign itself has much to offer.  How have they presented everything?  What are the perks?  Did you notice the prize?

Everything is a clue.

While not directly related to spacer efforts, the Ubuntu Edge campaign is worth visiting, perhaps investing in as well.

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