Help Fund the Smithsonian!

It’s easy.

Visit their site.

Add a photo of yourself ‘on location’ as described:  “Get out that photo of you and your favorite artifact at the Museum in DC or the Udvar-Hazy Center! Upload it and become part of America’s Family Album” ~Facebook

Your photo contribution triggers a donation from the Ford Motor Company Fund – they will donate $5 a photo, up to $50,000!  Your photo instantly becomes part of their online exhibit and may become part of their on-site exhibit next year.

The photo can be from any era “From vintage black and white to modern digital photography, snapshots at the Smithsonian are an indelible part of millions of family photo albums.” ~America’s Family Album

To sweeten the pot, there’s a cruise for a prize.

What an easy way to help such a great institution.  Why not go there now?

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