Celebrate the Holidays!

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  We have many traditions we celebrate, the main thing being a turkey dinner with family and friends.

How will things be different when we venture into the black?  How will they be the same?

“Pass the thermo-stabilized yams, please.” ~Florida Today

In the referenced article, they delve into various aspects of the turkey dinner and experiences of the astronauts and cosmonauts.

“Astronauts often find food tastes different in orbit than on the ground. That’s likely because their sense of smell is weakened by congestion from rising body fluids, and the fact that food aromas disperse in every direction and may be obscured by less pleasing smells.” ~Ibid.

What might be more fun in microgravity?  What might be more challenging?

“Astronauts are allowed to fill nine bonus containers with special items they enjoy that meet NASA’s requirements.” ~Ibid.

What would you bring in your ‘bonus container’ if you were going up to the ISS (International Space Station)?

*Everyone has special holidays they celebrate
*Holidays are often kid friendly
*Holidays may cost extra


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