Discover a New Resource

There’s a new resource out there. I think it’s less than a year old!  There’s is a whole list of Programs & Events on this NASA site.  They look pretty fun if you’re into this sort of thing.

What have I uncovered?

NASA Earth & Space Science Education E-Newsletter

Here’s a sample from the November 2012 Update, these are ongoing or upcoming…

CAMEL Climate Change Continuing Education Online Symposium (Nov. 13-Dec. 4)

Climate Adaptation Mitigation E-Learning (CAMEL) is offering a free online Climate Change Continuing Education Symposium comprised of a series of weekly webinars. Each presenter will discuss a teaching resource and how to use it. The resources are designed for upper level education, but many can be modified for other levels or incorporated into hybrid teaching. Upcoming webinars are scheduled for Nov. 13, 20, 27, and Dec. 4. For more information and to view previously recorded webinars, please visit

Discover Earth: A Century of Change Traveling Exhibit (Nov. 25-Feb. 5)

(Nov. 25-Feb. 5, East Meadow Public Library, East Meadow, N.Y.)

The East Meadow Public Library is one of only ten libraries in the United States to be awarded the traveling exhibit Discover Earth: A Century of Change, which is made possible by the American Library Association, the National Center for Interactive Learning at Space Science Institute, the Lunar and Planetary Institute, and the National Girls Collaborative Project. This exhibit focuses on local Earth science topics – such as weather, water cycle, and ecosystem changes – as well as a global view of our changing planet. The primary message of the exhibition is that the global environment changes – and is changed by – the local environment of all exhibition-host communities. Interactive, multimedia displays allow exhibit visitors to interact with digital information, encouraging new perspectives on our planet.

The East Meadow Library will host a series of events to celebrate the opening day of the exhibition, Sunday, Nov. 25. Tours of the exhibit will be offered all day, as well as special programs running from 1:00pm-4:00pm. For more information on the exhibit and upcoming locations, please visit

2013-2014 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship for K-12 Educators (Apply by Dec. 5)

(Apply by Dec. 5)

Applications are currently available for the 2013-2014 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program. This program is open to current public or private elementary or secondary mathematics, technology, engineering, and science classroom teachers with demonstrated excellence in teaching. Selected teachers spend a school year in Washington, D.C., sharing their expertise with policy makers. Einstein Fellows may serve with one of several government agency sponsors, such as the Department of Energy, NASA, or the National Science Foundation.

Applicants must be U.S. Citizens and be currently employeed full-time in a public or private elementary or secondary school, or school district. Applicants must have been teaching full time for at least five of the past seven years. For more information and to apply online, visit

…and so much more!

Definitely, go see what’s there for you!  I’ll probably include reminders here for you as well.

*Access to the internet
*The particular events may vary by age
*Cost is per event too


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