Connect With Astronauts

I just LOVE the opening paragraph of this article:

“Can’t get enough photos from the Curiosity rover? Dying to know what’s happening on the International Space Station? Interested in how NASA astronauts train? These Twitter accounts are for you.” ~Amanda Wills

Remind you of anything? *hint, hint*

It’s a short article and you’ll find the actual twitter accounts in the slide show at the top. Looks like you can run it like a slide show or you can advance them in either direction from the beginning to the end (it doesn’t loop around.)

Even the comments include some great people and organizations!

I’m going to go find all these on twitter, then follow them myself. I’m sure that will be a wonderful source of information for this blog as well as possible things any of us can do.

If I find anything noteworthy, I’ll come back and update this blog post.

Oh, and if you’d like to connect with me on twitter, my spacer account is @EverydaySpacer

See ya there!

*Access to
*Any age by law (or permission) to have a twitter account
*No cost to enter


Special thanks to Don Doughty who pointed me to the article on Mashable

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