Help Launch a Space Program

Crowdfunding is a beautiful thing.  Skycube met their goal then they met additional ‘stretch’ goals during their campaign last month.

Kevin Myrick could use a bit of that kind of marketing and press savvy right now!

Introducing:  Synergy Moon, a  project just 21 days away from their Indiegogo campaign.
From their intro:

“You always wanted to be a part of a Space Program, right? Now, the good news is – you don’t need to spend 12 years of heavy training to become part of this real Space Mission! How come?

“Because – right now – you are about to start your own personal Space Program.”  ~Team Synergy Moon

The important part is ‘What You Get to Do’ which sounds pretty interesting and ‘doing’ is what we’re all about here on Everyday Spacer.  You are on the team when you contribute.  You get some access to the satellite itself, depending on your ‘level’ and are allowed to send messages, use the camera, etc.  I urge you to read the list for yourself to see if there is anything that appeals to you.

Anything you commit to, you will be expected to pay.  Some of these campaigns are set up to only charge you if the goal is met.  In 21 days, Team Synergy Moon gets whatever was pledged.

Important:  “We’re Team Synergy Moon, an international group of techies, scientists, artist, adventurers and space-enthusiasts from all over the world.

“Our team is proud to be participating in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, competing to be the first private team to put a robotic rover equipped with HD cameras on the Moon in 2015!”


“Launch of the Synergy Moon NanoSatellite will be in the summer of 2013, currently scheduled aboard an Interorbital Systems’ Neptune microsatellite launch vehicle.  You can read about Interorbital Systems’ SmallSat Launch Program to learn more.” ~Ibid.

If you are so moved, go ahead and contribute, spread the word, or both.  Wouldn’t this make a great Christmas gift for the space enthusiast in your life?

Let’s do whatever we can to help any spacer groups out there doing important work like this!

*A Pledge is required
*Anyone with money
*You determine what to contribute minimum $5


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